My mind is a balanced blend of creative and analytical qualities making it a refreshing skill set.

Over 11 years ago I made a decision that changed my world completely. Till this day it keeps giving me great rewards and allows me to face my greatest challenges. Throughout this experience I have learned a great deal about myself and overcame great obstacles.

Design is my passion it is not only my favorite hobby and my most rewarding work. It is, most importantly, the instrument I have found to feel truly free. Design represents the possibility to help an individual connect their business with a crowd, and that fascinates me. Hopefully you and I cross paths in the real world and work on ideas to make it a better place.

Outside of the design world you can find me watching soccer, swimming or cooking for friends at home. There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with people and fostering strong, long-lasting and soul-healing friendships.

If you are a bit curious to know more about my story or just check out my resume please click below.

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